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Little England Beyond Wales

Currently I'm in the process of documenting a region known to locals here in Wales as 'Little England (Beyond Wales)' which is broadly known as the Landsker Line - a term used for the language boundary in Wales between the largely Welsh-speaking and largely English-speaking areas in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. The English-speaking areas, south of the Landsker line and known as Little England beyond Wales, are notable for having been English linguistically and culturally for many centuries despite being far from the English/Welsh border. 

As an Anglo-Welsh resident (born in England, raised in Wales) I have always been fascinated by the cultural relationship between the two nations and the outstanding beauty of the region of South Pembrokeshire. I'm in the process of documenting the contrast between the tourism hot-spots, along with popular second-home destinations and the economic reality faced by a region that's the poorest in northern Europe. This project will hopefully be released in 2021.


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